New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, I am about to embark on a new journey in life.  Starting on Saturday, I will no longer be living in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA.  ImageWhen I initially moved back to Bethlehem after spending five years in Charlottesville, Virginia, I wasn’t that excited.  Don’t get me wrong- I had many fantastic memories from high school, holidays and summers spent in this historic city, but didn’t really have too many connections left after a five year hiatus.  The “normal” for me was training hard for running and spending time with my family.  I have some wonderful friends from high school, but many of them no longer lived in Bethlehem or had established lives with jobs and their own families.  I’m also very close to my family, so its never a problem to be with them.  I’m very comfortable around them, enjoy thier company, and they have been my backbone through the successes and challenges of my life so far.

So beginning Saturday, I’ll be calling Charlottesville, Virginia my new home.  Even though this place felt like home while I was at UVA, this time is different.  I will be teaching Health and Physical Education at Henley Middle School in Crozet.  I’m extremely excited to finally have a teaching position and be able to carry out my passion for health and fitness by teaching children during the most critical growing period.   I’ve always loved Charlottesville for everything it has to offer beyond the University of Virginia.  It will be fun to explore my college town as an adult (aka townie) and yes, visitors are welcome!


Initially, I was really excited and I still am.  However, the past two weeks has really put my life into perspective.  While I didn’t make much money while I was living in Bethlehem for the past two years, I have gained so much more than money could ever prove.  I realized that I made a life for myself in this town and have grown to cherish its character and charm.  In no particular order, I’d like to recognize some of the groups that make leaving so difficult…

To my yogi’s- thanks for helping me learn to appreciate who I am and for challenging me to step out of my comfort zone.  You made each day something to look forward to and a relief from the stresses of daily life.  Your inspiration has helped me form a clearer sense of myself and grow stronger inside and out.

To my church and my fellow parishioners- thanks for renewing my faith in God and helping me strive for His kingdom through my daily actions.  Father Peter- your Sunday homilies left me feeling lighter and more motivated to be a better person.  I will be forever grateful for that Sunday I walked into St. Peter and St. Paul to have you start your homily with Vince Lombardi!

To my running friends- I will miss the conversations during weekend runs.  The friendship gained through a good sweat goes far beyond the miles on the road.  You helped me keep my sanity, but also put running into perspective by making it fun again.  You know who you are, but many of those “runs” ended up being happy hours, dinners, late night…

To my hair salon- I will miss the by-weekly nail appointments.  You made me feel like a princess each time I came in for a fill.  Thanks for helping me branch out twice a year and get a color beyond plain pink and white.

Diva- I’m going to miss my puppy!!! I know you will have a better life with your other half, Ruby in the comfort of your home.

So many people have touched my life in the past two years that I could write a book full of wonderful anecdotes and stories.  However, the one thing all of these groups have in common is that they saw me for who I am and supported me every step of the way.  I know it was difficult to see everyone before I left, but the outpouring of cards, messages, and phone calls is very appreciated.   I’ll be back in August for Musikfest and Therapeutic Thursday (8/2) at Apollo!

The move won’t be easy, but nothing worth while in life is…


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